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Rhobix is a leading service provider of AI enabled automated solutions for business processes and quality management with industry experience of 10 years.
There is a shift from IT supported business to a Digital Business. Organisations now are taking a step forward in creating virtual workforce to fully digitalize their process.
Speed to market with good quality product or service is key to success for every business.
Today’s successful enterprises are rapidly integrating innovative solutions and services on social, mobile, analytics, cloud, IOTs and Smart Devices to enhance the core business functions.
Our goal at Rhobix is to be a partner in your success by providing automation and digital assurance as a service to your organisation.

  • Save time, resource and money!
  • Create endless business possibilites!

Unlock the full potential of automation with us.

Reasons for Choosing Us


1. Ensure greater stability in IT and business process.
2. Reduce compliance and business risks.
3. Make business 24/7 resilient and operational.
4. Improve deliveries and reduce average handling time.
5. Increase efficiency and productivity.


1. Increase coverage and thoroughness in test.
2. Enhance go-to-market speed with automation strategies.
3. Build and deliver high quality software at rapid pace.
4. Embrace emerging technologies.
5. Consistent quality.


1. Assurance across channels, platforms, devices.
2. Ensure quality at every step.
3. Reduce costs.
4. Ensure customer experience and satisfaction.
5. Accelerate growth in revenues and profits.


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